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Will Vermeer, Dryden, ON
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(807) 223-3311
65 King Street
Legal Services

Thinking of selling or purchasing a property? There is no extra charge to prepare the agreement of purchase and sale (offer) for your home , cottage, or even vacant property.

Contact us by phone, fax, or email and we can help you from the start to the finish of your real estate transaction. With the advent of electronic property registration in the Province of Ontario, we are ready with the staff and the technology to provide you with fast service at a reasonable price.

Once you have completed the deal , check with us to review your will and powers of attorney to further protect all of your assets. Visit our website for other legal services that we offer.

Willem J. Vermeer
807 223 3311 - Phone
807 223 4133 - Fax

65 King Street
Dryden, Ontario, Canada
P8N 2Z5

Edward Lake - Vermilion Bay, ON
Eagle Lake - Vermilion Bay, ON
Eagle Lake Cottage, Northwest Ontario
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